Filter Single Origin: Los Pirineos


Country Of Origin: El Salvador
Region: Usulutan, Tecapa
Process: Honey
Varietal: Pacamara
Altitude: 1550
Farmer/ Producer/ Mill: Gilberto Barona
Farm: Las Palmas
Flavour Note: Cherry, Green tea, Apple

Los Pirineos has been in the Baraona family for 120 years. Gilberto and his family are Specialty Coffee pioneers in El Salvador. They are proud to say coffee is life for their family.

Like many estates in El Salvador, Los Pirineos is blessed with rich, fertile volcanic soils which is always a good start to the development of a quality coffee. Gilberto Baraona keeps a watchful eye on all aspects of coffee production. They also hold the largest private coffee seed bank in El Salvador.

Always experimenting with different coffee's to find the most sustainable crop, ensuring the highest quality whilst maximising output. Being a “pacamara” (coffee varietal), this coffee is sweet and complex, with notes of cherry and green tea.

This is a beautiful and unique coffee that the Baraona family along with the P&R team know you will enjoy.

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Filter Single Origin: Sehe Washing Station


Country Of Origin: Burundi
Region: Bukinanyana, Cibitoke
Process: Washed

Varietal: Bourbon
Altitude: 1650-1680
Farmer/Producer/Mill: Sehe Washing Station
Flavour Note: Red apple, peach, hibiscus

Sehe’s name comes from the washing station where this coffee is processed. Most farms in Burundi are quite small: typically less than half a hectare in size. Because of this, farmers from this region don’t have their own processing facilities; they rely on cooperatives or washing stations like Sehe to buy and process the coffee they produce.

This means Sehe coffee – like most ‘lots’ from Burundi – is a mixture of coffee from several local farms, with beans of the same quality carefully blended together before going to market. While this limits the coffee’s traceability (‘microlots’ from a single farm are just not possible in this region), Sehe honours the local farmers’ dedication by ensuring their coffee maintains its quality in the post-harvest process.

The coffee you enjoy is a result of their hard work – not to mention the care that goes into every stage of the process.


*This product is a once off item and is not connected to subscriptions.

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