Christmas Blend + Aeropress + Grinder


YAY! Santa's here and he's not in town for long. His P&R Elves have worked hard on making a delicious blend just for you. With tasting notes of a scrumptiously warm fruit tart, perfectly balanced spices and just that dash of booze.

Paired perfectly with your 2 x 250g Christmas Blend bags, you will also get an Aeropress and a Porlex Grinder!

Grab your Christmas Gift before Monday, 10th December to receive this before the reindeer's take off. 

This product is a great gift to send to your friends and family. Simply put their address down in the shipping information.


  • FREE SHIPPING on all Christmas Gifts
  • This is a one-off purchase and not a subscription. 
  • These will only be available in our 250g nitro flushed bags.
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