Espresso Single Origin: Santa Isabel


Country Of Origin: Guatemala
Region: Coban
Process: Washed

Varietal: Caturra, Catuai
Altitude: 1400-1600
Farmer/Producer/Mill: Luis Valdes
Flavour Note: Nectarine, Candied Orange, Blackberry 

Santa Isabel. 5 generations of knowledge and passion is what goes into creating this delicious coffee. Their care about the environment is evident with a third of the property being dedicated to the preservation of pristine forest reserve. This all culminates in a strong sustainable farming culture which filters through to growing, harvesting and processing of the coffee.

Santa Isabel are known for being very particular with selective picking process, they employ loyal staff to help them through the harvesting season. Wicho, the farm manager oversees the high standard of working conditions for all staff, whilst paying higher wages, creating community and promoting an open and collaborative working environment.

With all the love and care that goes into this coffee at farm level, we want to share that love right through to your cup.source it again this year.
Rafael’s passion for sustainability, biodiversity and preservation ties in so perfectly to our core values.



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