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Country Of Origin: Mexico
Region: Veracruz
Process: Honey
Varietal: Garnica
Altitude: 1360
Farmer/ Producer/ Mill: Rodolfo Jimenez Lopez
Flavour Note: Orange, Cascara, Currant

Not a common variety, Garnica is high yielding and high quality. Not knowing much about this variety previously, Phil our Head of QA and Brewing recently discovered this coffee whilst on a trip to Mexico after cupping it blind for a coffee auction. He knew right then we had to share this coffee with you.

Rodolfo Jimenez Lopez and his son Rodolfo Jr. aren’t strangers to the coffee auction process having won the Mexican COE (Cup of Excellence) in 2017. There is a genuine buzz around Mexican coffee at the moment as they push the boundaries of quality and sustainability from year to year.

We are excited about what this origin brings to Mexican Specialty coffee and are excited to support Rodolfo and his family as Mexican coffee rightfully starts to impact the Speciality coffee market globally

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