Espresso Single Origin: Chanya


Country Of Origin: Malawi
Region: Misuku
Process: Washed

Varietal: Nyika, Geisha
Altitude: 1423
Flavour Note: White nectarine, mulled wine, dark chocolate

Malawi is regenerating its image as a well known coffee growing region after years of civil unrest; bringing us one of the more interesting coffees we've had on our program in a while.

This coffee is a unique mix of Nyika; Catimor (robust and high yielding) and Geisha (rare, delicate and low yielding) varieties. Processed with great care at the Chanya Washing Station, their coffee cherries are received from a group of farmers of which 26% are women. This is quite rare in coffee producing regions as it's known to be a male dominated industry. The quality found in this coffee stems from skillful harvesting practises such as selective picking, and the conditions in which farmers live and work. However, the most important factors being education and food security.

To round out the holistic and sustainable approach to coffee producing, these group of farmers also create their own organic fertilisers to re-use organic waste in the region and help improve overall harvest yields for years to come.


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