Espresso Single Origin: Fazenda California


Country Of Origin: Brazil
Region: Norte Pioneiro
Process: Natural

Varietal: Mundo Novo
Altitude: 750
Farmer/Producer/Mill: Luiz & Flavia Saldanha
Flavour Note: Raisin, Cocoa, Almond

When we talk about specialty coffee, most of us think of the beans grown on the Coffee Belt: an area running along the equator at a high altitude of 1000m. This coffee is an exception to that rule.

Owned and run by the Saldanha family, Fazenda California is an exceptional farm that is located in Norte Pioneiro, a region with a lower altitude and 4 well-defined seasons. This unexpectedly makes the farm an ideal place for coffee production. Its latest lot, aptly called ‘Yellow Cold Soul’, is essentially a natural processed coffee, but with a controlled period of time between when the cherries are washed and placed on raised drying beds. This is achieved by keeping the cherries at a cooler temperature of around 10-15ºC to slow down the initial stages of fermentation. The extended fermentation time not only provides creaminess, but adds to the acidity and underlying fruit flavours in the coffee.

It goes to show that specialty coffee is not just confined to a particular area in the world - especially when growers like the Saldanha family are willing to think differently.


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