Espresso Single Origin: Kirasa


Country Of Origin: Burundi
Region: Muhuta, Busenga
Process: Natural

Varietal: Bourbon
Altitude: 1100
Farmer/Producer/Mill: Mill manager- Emile Ndikumasabo
Flavour Note: Stone Fruit, Red Grape, Maple Syrup

Kirasa was developed through the Akawa Project: a venture that helps keep producers out of poverty by focusing on good agricultural practices, quality coffee, environmental stability, social equity and higher prices for farmers.

Kirasa Washing Station in Burundi is dedicated to producing high- quality coffee that supports farmers with minimal waste - even the leftover coffee pulp from the mill is used to fertilise seedlings that are passed on to farms. Normally, only washed processed coffees are available from this region, but naturals such as this lot are becoming more widely available. Sit back and enjoy every sip, knowing that you’re drinking something made with the utmost care.


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