Espresso Single Origin: La Esperanza


Country Of Origin: Colombia
Region: China Alta, Tolima
Process: Washed

Varietal: Caturra
Altitude: 1960
Farmer/Producer/Mill: William Buitrago
Flavour Note: Raspberry, Green Apple, Dried Fig

This micro-lot was produced by William Buitrago and Aminta Mahocha Franco on their 11-hectare farm, La Esperanza (meaning “the hope” in Spanish), located near the small community of China Alta, in the municipality of Ibagué, in Colombia’s Tolima state.

Quality is favoured over quantity in most cases at La Esperanza. This is evident in the fact that the trees are planted further apart than usual to allow more sunshine aiding in better development of the coffee cherries. Advocates for the environment William and Aminta keep over 30 beehives on the farm, producing around a tonne of honey annually. It’s believed the bees and the coffee are connected, with the bees pollinating the coffee trees and the coffee blossoms creating a clear and delicious honey. Determined to leave a legacy, they have gifted their children plots of land to manage and profit from. This is intended to teach them the economics of coffee producing and hopefully encourage the younger generations to value and enjoy coffee the same way they have. 


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