Espresso Single Origin: San Francisco


Country Of Origin: Colombia
Region: El Tambo
Process: Black Honey

Varietal: Caturra
Altitude: 2100
Farmer/Producer/Mill: Diego Fernando Lopez
Flavour Note: Blackcurrant, stewed apricots, manuka honey

Passionate about coffee; Diego Lopez is dedicated to producing the best coffee possible and is interested in new approaches in coffee processing. This lot is an exceptional example of what he is capable of. This is a ‘black honey’ processed coffee.

The process follows a meticulous regime of de-pulping without water then it is fermented aerobically and again without water it is prepared for drying. It is then placed on raised beds under heavy shaded covering which slows down the drying time. This results in parts of the inner layer of the coffee cherry (mucilage) to remain on the bean. The remaining mucilage then turns a rich dark molasse and honey colour. Diego explains that it produces a more natural flavour because of less human intervention.

This aligns with our belief that all we can do is 'take away' from the perfection found within the coffee cherry in its raw form. So look for blackcurrant and stewed apricots on the front and a complex manuka honey finish. Through all the effort and detail that goes into producing coffee, Diego always comes back to how the consumer might perceive it. He hopes this coffee can challenge preconceived notions of what coffee can taste like.

Brew with Love! 


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