Espresso Single Origin: Shyira


Country Of Origin: Rwanda
Region: Nyabihu
Process: Washed

Varietal: Red bourbon
Altitude: 2000
Flavour Note: Blackberry, Plum, grapefruit

Rwanda is an exciting growing origin, responsible for some remarkable coffees with delicious taste profiles.

One area of note is the northern part of the country, where the Shyira washing station is situated. This region features a unique Rwandan microclimate, thanks to its very high altitudes and rich, volcanic soil. Shyira is owned by the Muraho Trading Company (MTCo): a group dedicated to bringing the best out of each farm they work with.

Passionate about people, MTCo helps farmers grow specialty coffee that gains the best buying price in the market, in order to sustain the farm’s future. Once the coffee is purchased, workers at Shyira put it through a rigorous sorting process. The beans are separated into three different grades according to density, so that when it is time for the fermentation and drying process, the overall cup quality is more easily controlled.


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