Espresso Single Origin: Tarekech Werasa


Country Of Origin: Ethiopia
Region: Kochere
Process: Natural

Varietal: Mixed Heirloom
Altitude: 2150
Farmer/Producer/Mill: Tarekech Werasa
Flavour Note: Raspberry, tropical punch, sweet spice

Terekech Werasa is named after the female entrepreneur behind this delicious natural processed coffee from Ethiopia. Terekech had trouble with brokers in the past, but now, thanks to the deregulation of the Ethiopian coffee trade market, smaller producers like herself can directly export their coffee, allowing the beans to receive the credit they truly deserve.

This coffee has been personally selected and overseen by our trade partners, which ensures the beans are treated with respect throughout the whole process - from agronomic training at the farm through to further consultation at the washing station. Terekech now has a more direct trade line that not only supports the quality of her coffee but increases her return on the harvest.

We hope you enjoy this complex and fruity Ethiopian, knowing the good work that has gone into it..


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