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Lot name: Torre 030421
Country of Origin: Panama
Producer: Lamastus Estates, Wilford Lamastus
Region: Alto Quiel, Boquete
Area: Baru Volcano
Variety: Geisha
Soil: Deep sandy loam
Altitude: 1800 masl
Average temperature: 13C to 20C                                                                      
Tasting notes: Tropical fruit, Honey, Green tea, Melon, Lemonade
Processing & fermentation - Washed. Fermented for up to around 40 hours before washing off mucilage. Coffee is dried on raised beds for 15 to 20 days.

Impact - Housing is provided for employees along with a school for the kids. Meals are also provided for the children. Lasmastus estates has a dedication to the environment, understanding that conserving the environment is only of benefit to coffee growing and quality.  

Brew Guide - V60 - 14.5g//94C//230g//3:00 (We only use filtered water) 


This exceptional coffee from Wilford Lamastus and his son Wilford Jr. is from an award winning part of their coffee estates. This particular lot “Torre” from Elida Estate is one of the best coffees we think we’ve had on any of our coffee programs.

Elida Estate is located on Baru Volcano, Panama in the idyllic town of Boquete. One of the highest volcanoes in Central America along with hosting a protected ecological reserve, it has the perfect conditions to produce exceptional coffee. These conditions provide a unique microclimate and a biodiversity not found in any other place. The interesting characteristic about the weather is that during the dry season a fog engulfs the farm for the first half of the day helping to keep the temperatures low and extends the development time of the coffee cherry to help produce this complex and intense coffee.

We are more than proud to be able to share this coffee with you having worked with the Lamastus’ in the past and experiencing their good work first hand. Make sure you get to enjoy this coffee before the P&R staff drink it all up!

Sold only as beans


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