Jardines Del Eden | Colombia | Honey Passionfruit | Espresso


Lot name: Jardines Del Eden
Country of origin: Colombia
Producer: Felipe & Carlos Arcila
Department: Quindido
Municipal: Pijao
Variety: Castillo
Altitude: 1700 to 2100 masl
Average temperature: 5C - 28C
Tasting Notes: Passionfruit, Lemon, Blackcurrant Raspberry, Mango

Processing & fermentation - 48 hour dry fermentation at 23C. Fermented with wine yeast and passionfruit pulp. Slowly dried under shade using parabolic drying beds.

Impact -These producers help out the surrounding communities by sharing the knowledge they have and helping at the processing stage to create consistently higher quality coffee across the board. 

Brew Guide -19.5g//93C//48g//22s - (Based on commercial equipment. Domestic grinders will require a longer extraction time within 30s) We think this recipe tastes best with 10 - 15ml of hot water added to the espresso


“The Garden of Eden” is as idyllic as it sounds!

Owned by brothers Felipe and Carlos Arcila, they lead the industry in coffee processing innovation. This particular coffee is a product of their willingness to experiment with different varieties and processing methods to push the boundaries of flavour profiles and quality.

Part of a strong coffee family, Felipe and Carlos grew up on coffee farms with their father and grandfather, laying the foundations of growing quality coffee from a young age. This particular lot is a honey passionfruit process. This process involves adding wine yeast and passionfruit pulp during the fermentation stage. Doing this encourages particular conditions to create the unique coffee that tastes amazing. The coffee is fermented during a 48 hour and 23c dry anaerobic fermentation; this is when the passionfruit pulp and wine yeast are added in.

We really love what these guys are doing with coffee. Being able to create high quality coffees with very distinct flavours is exactly what Expedition is all about.


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