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Lot name: Volcan Azul Reserve
Country of origin: Costa Rica
Producer: Alejo Castro Khale
Region: West Valley
Location: Poas Volcano
Variety: Geisha
Altitude: 1500 to 1750 masl 
Tasting notes: Stonefruit, Red Grape, Green Apple, Cherry, Black Tea                                                                          

Processing & fermentation - Natural process in moderately thick layers. Fermented naturally during the drying process which takes 16 days on raised beds.

Impact - Volcan Azul owns the surrounding land which is preserved rainforest to promote biodiversity at the farm. They also have another area covered in rainforest in the Osa Peninsula that holds 2.5% of the world's total biodiversity.

Brew Guide - V60 - 15g//92C//240g//2:10 (we only use filtered water)


Year on year we are more than proud to showcase the excellent work that Alejo at Volcan Azul produces. Every coffee is meticulously managed from seed to processing. Coffee cherries are diligently measured for sugar content (brix) and only picked once the target brix level is reached indicating full maturation of the coffee.

As part of a larger area of land that includes preserved rainforest, they are very passionate about having a positive impact on the environment at Volcan Azul. They’ve also secured an area of rainforest in the Osa peninsula known for holding 2.5% of the earth's biodiversity. This guarantees the protection of this area and safety of the unique ecology in Costa Rica. 

This lot is processed as a Natural. Only being exposed to the natural fermentation that happens during the drying process on the raised beds in a moderately thick layer to avoid over or under fermentation. This coffee was managed on a daily basis and stirred frequently throughout the drying process to promote consistency. In total to achieve the required results this coffee took 16 days to reach the target moisture level.

Sold only as beans


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