Filter Single Origin: El Templo


Country Of Origin: Guatemala
Region: Huehuetenango
Process: Washed

Varietal: Caturra, Bourbon, Pache, Catuai 
Altitude: 1300-2000
Farmer/Producer/Mill: More than 10 farmers from Huehuetenango
Flavour Note: Blackberry, Jersey Caramel, Lemon

Made up from a selection of coffees from the Huehuetenango region, El Templo has everything you would want to experience from the northern part of Guatemala. The coffee is sourced from small-scale farms located in different micro-climates, giving it a unique complexity than can't be attained from just a single farm. Thanks to the washed process, the true characteristics of Huehuetenango really shines in this coffee, delivering beautiful blackberry notes followed by jersey caramel sweetness and a gentle hint of lemon acidity.


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