Filter Single Origin: Las Flores


Country Of Origin: Guatemala
Region: Cobán, Alta Verapaz
Process: Washed

Varietal: Caturra
Altitude: 1,400–1,600m
Flavour Note: Red currant, Stonefruit, Fig

Las flores from Santa Isabel is a carefully developed microlot. Using only the most floral, sweetest and complex coffee ensures that this coffee is a stand out. Coming from a fifth-generation farm in a unique growing region Santa Isabel sits on an area comprising 300 hectares. One third of this is dedicated to a natural forest reserve which goes towards protecting the local water resources and encouraging biodiversity. Certain pruning strategies are used to optimise ventilation and light whilst minimising humidity which decreases the risk of fungal disease growth and the transmission of leaf rust. These practises also help to minimise the need for chemical applications.

We’ve proudly had coffee from Santa Isabel on the program before so we are super happy to be able to support them by presenting this coffee as a filter this time around. Get around it!!! 


*This product is a once off item and is not connected to subscriptions.

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