Filter Single Origin: Los Rosales


Country Of Origin: Colombia
Region: Narino

Process: Washed
Varietal: Caturra
Altitude: 1700-2100
Flavour Notes: Pink lemonade, mandarin, brown sugar

This beautiful coffee makes a perfect edition to our nitro program. Franco Lopez is just one farmer from the Nariño region that produces coffee for the Los Rosales lot. It’s grown in a part of Colombia not too far from the Pacific ocean. Its proximity to the ocean creates a unique microclimate resulting in hot days and cool nights. This climate slows down maturation and development of the coffee cherries which adds to the cup quality and flavour intensity.

Los Rosales meaning “The Roses” is named for the roses that bloom in the surrounding hillsides. It’s a very picturesque location with sweet floral notes wafting on the gentle sea breeze. This image sums up this coffee pretty well we think. Enjoy!.

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