Filter Single Origin: Santuario Tres Milagros


Country Of Origin: Costa Rica
Region: Tres Rios
Process: Red Honey

Varietal: F1
Altitude: 1825
Farmer/Producer/Mill: Nelsyn Hernandez
Flavour Note: Caramel fudge, Plum, Lime

Tres Milagros sits on a 105-hectare estate, of which 30 per cent is preserved as forest to help maintain biodiversity in the area.

Nelson, who operates the farm, is an agronomic engineer. When he first took over the farm, it was run down and struggling to produce quality coffee. Nelson managed to nurse the farm back to full health and replant trees that produce high quality coffee. One of the varieties he planted is an F1 hybrid: a genetic mix of two parent coffee plants that exhibits the best traits of both.

F1s are known for being a much more productive variety, with a better natural resistance to diseases and pests. This high-quality coffee doesn’t just support environmental sustainability, but ensures specialty plants are protected for years to come.


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