Filter Single Origin: Sehe Washing Station


Country Of Origin: Burundi
Region: Bukinanyana, Cibitoke
Process: Washed

Varietal: Bourbon
Altitude: 1650-1680
Farmer/Producer/Mill: Sehe Washing Station
Flavour Note: Red apple, peach, hibiscus

Sehe’s name comes from the washing station where this coffee is processed. Most farms in Burundi are quite small: typically less than half a hectare in size. Because of this, farmers from this region don’t have their own processing facilities; they rely on cooperatives or washing stations like Sehe to buy and process the coffee they produce.

This means Sehe coffee – like most ‘lots’ from Burundi – is a mixture of coffee from several local farms, with beans of the same quality carefully blended together before going to market. While this limits the coffee’s traceability (‘microlots’ from a single farm are just not possible in this region), Sehe honours the local farmers’ dedication by ensuring their coffee maintains its quality in the post-harvest process.

The coffee you enjoy is a result of their hard work – not to mention the care that goes into every stage of the process.


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