Filter Single Origin: Weithaga


Country Of Origin: Kenya
Region: Merang'a County

Process: Washed
Varietal: SL-28, SL-34
Altitude: 1600
Farmer/Producer/Mill/: New Weithaga Farmers Co-op
Flavour Notes: Red grape, Nectarine, Mandarin

The factory is located in Murang'a County that borders the Nyeri County in the former central province. It's situated about 120km North West from Nairobi and it's among one of the factories in New Weithaga Farmer's Cooperative.

The Factory was established in 1970 under the New Weithaga Farmers Cooperative and it's owned by 900 small scale farmers. There is approximately a total of 85 hectares covered with coffee producing an average of 100 metric tons of clean coffee every year. The farmers are using Gravellier and Indigenous trees for shading.

The coffee is fully washed and dried in African beds resulting in a characteristic juicy cup of currants, passion fruit & nougat.

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