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Lot name: Las Margaritas 
Country of origin: Colombia 
Producer: La Esperanza
Department: Valle de Cauca
Municipal: Caicedonia
Variety: Geisha
Altitude: 1600 to 2000 masl
Average temperature : 18C - 23C   
Tasting Notes: Apricot, Blueberry, Green Grape, Black Tea, Jasmine      

Processing & fermentation - Washed with a dry fermentation. Fermentation time for this coffee ranges between 19 and 22 hours in whole cherries and then the cherry skin is taken out to start the second fermentation step in parchment and mucilage and lasts for 35 hours.

Impact - 20% of farm area devoted to forest and animal reserve. Reducing air pollution with natural combustion fuels. Limiting the amount of water waste through processes such as dry fermentation.

Brew Guide - 19.5g//95.4C//45g//19s (Based on commercial equipment. Domestic grinders will require a longer extraction time within 30s) We think this recipe tastes best with 10 - 15ml of hot water added to the espresso


We love this coffee on the hotter side! Also lends itself to a slightly lower dose.

This is the second time we have been able to share this coffee with you. This lot called Las Margaritas is a washed processed Geisha. Think super clean, complex fruits and balanced acidity. Geisha is a very high-quality variety of coffee that yields less fruit than more traditional coffee trees. It requires astute care and a distinct environment to flourish.

At Las Esperanza there is no lack of attention to detail and care given for such a special coffee to flourish. It starts with respect for the surrounding environment where more than 20% is devoted to a floral and fauna reserve to promote biodiversity. It continues with efforts to reduce water waste, which is a common problem with coffee farms. Using dry fermentation processes and utilising modern technologies they reduce the use of their most precious natural resource, water. And no less important is the push to decrease chemical fuels (diesel) and combustion fuels (wood, coal) that pollute the air. This is even more important in the immediate environment of where the coffee dries.

So have a cup, take your time and enjoy the care that has been put into this very super special coffee!

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