Pioneer Specialty Pod


This blend is defined by a sense of adventure and purpose. It finds a perfect balance between strength and flavour and uses only Organic and Fair Trade beans.

The mix of coffees in this blend is consistent thanks to strong long-term partnerships and incredible attention to detail at the farm level.  Medium-density coffees make this a flexible coffee that has a dynamic range and suitable for a multitude of brewing devices  

The name and Pioneer icon reflect a forward-thinking approach to sustainability and care for both the natural and social worlds.

Enjoy the velvety feel, with caramel and spicy notes.

  • Our PODS are 100% biodegradable and commercially compostable (we’re working on kerbside compostable certification)
  • Our PODS have an 18-month shelf life
  • PODS are suitable for Nespresso compatible machines (classic/original)
  • Each box contains 10 capsules

Click HERE to see if your council provides Green Waste Bin and for further composting/biodegradable information 


This is a once off purchase and not a subscription.

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