Trailblazer Coffee Concentrate (500mL)


Our original coffee blend offers a sweet, complex fruit forward cup. The lightest roast profile of our three blends and delicious both as black coffee or a medium body dairy or non dairy beverage!

The big 3 benefits of concentrate are... 



  1. Place 1 scoop of ice into your favourite large glass*
  2. Pour over 50mls of P&R concentrate (more if you like it strong!)
  3. Top up with 100mls of cold milk or alternative 
  4. Make sure to use an eco-friendly straw if needed
  5. Drink and enjoy! 
  6. If you add a splash of choc in there, we won't tell anyone….   

Or you can check out the video below for our recipe for the Ultimate Iced Mocha (Concentrate approved!)

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