Trio Blend Beans Pack


When you just can’t choose!  Why not try all three!

Our Trio Blend Pack gives you the opportunity to sample all three of our distinct blends. Whether it be the rich dark chocolate notes of our Porter Street blend, the nutty and caramel sweetness of our Pioneer Blend or the fruity and playful characteristics of our Trailblazer Blend, these packs offers you the opportunity to sample them all!

Available in both our 250g and 1kg variants. You’ll receive freshly roasted coffee knowing they’ve all been ethically and sustainably sourced by a B-Corp Certified Roastery. Most importantly you’ll discover how delicious they all are! as possible


You may receive your blends with different roasts dates, but we assure you they will all still be delicious.

This is a once off purchase and not a subscription

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