Trio Blend Specialty Pods Pack


When you just can’t choose!  Why not try all three!

Our Trio Blend Pod Pack gives you the opportunity to sample all three of our distinct blends. Whether it be the rich dark chocolate notes of our Porter Street blend, the nutty and caramel sweetness of our Pioneer Blend or the fruity and playful characteristics of our Trailblazer Blend, these packs offer you the opportunity to sample them all!

  • Our PODS are 100% biodegradable and commercially compostable (we’re working on kerbside compostable certification)
  • Our PODS have an 18-month shelf life
  • PODS are suitable for Nespresso compatible machines (classic/original)
  • Each box contains 10 capsules

Click HERE to see if your council provides Green Waste Bin and for further composting/biodegradable information 


This is a once off purchase and not a subscription


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